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BWS-LogoBrown Well Supply NC provides expert well drilling and well repair at affordable prices. Our team of experienced technicians will take a look at your situation and determine the best course of action to take. Well drilling is a detailed process, one that ensures fresh running water for your home or business. Brown Well Supply counts on years of experience to provide expert well drilling in Granite Quarry, NC and the surrounding areas. We also install water filtration systems Salisbury NC and water softeners Salisbury NC. Our service extends to offering all types of well supplies available for purchase from industry leaders.

We have been serving your community for 147 years! We are the oldest business in Rowan County.

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Always Keep Copies of Well Reports

Some states require well reporting and have actually made it mandatory by law. A variety of processes are improved when there are more well reports available. However, it is not up to homeowners to fill out these reports, but they should make it a point to hang onto a copy of them.

Homeowners are given copies of these reports, although some can be withheld until full payment is made to the company entrusted with well drilling Salisbury NC or repair. Within a well report is the location of the well, its depth and diameter. The water level is also…..

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How to Identify Problems with Your Well Pump

Located at the bottom of the well, there is a pump, which serves the function of drawing water. This particular pump is intended to operate as needed, although it requires regular maintenance. As long as that maintenance is conducted, a pump can last up to an entire decade. However, when a pump starts to falter, there are several warning signs.

With close to 150 years in the North Carolina well drilling and supply industry, Brown Well Supply Company knows…

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What to Know About Fluoride and Well Water

All water contains fluoride, although there are times when it can become problematic. When consumed in the proper amounts, fluoride can help strengthen both teeth and bones. There are even public water systems that actually add fluoride to enhance those benefits, especially the prevention of tooth decay. This is often done because too little fluoride can have ill effects on teeth and gums.


As beneficial as it can be, too much fluoride can have adverse effects…

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Why Wells Are Needed Outside Of Big Cities

People who live in big cities rarely have to worry about their water supply being treated because that is a duty entrusted to the city or municipality. The water coming into their homes is supposed to be treated and tested. However, the same cannot be said for many people living outside urban areas and rely on well drilling to find source of water.

City of Salisbury, NC, Vision 2020, map, water services, city water, city utilities, city planning, city water versus well water users

City of Salisbury, NC Vision 2020 map depicting current & future water service areas. Source: http://www.salisburync.govdirect link.

Those who do not live within the parameters of a big city frequently have no access to water pipes that are treated. Within some kinds of soil, there are minerals which can actually cause damage…

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The Importance of Professional Well Drilling

bigstock-Red-Water-Pump-112629224.jpgHaving your own well to supply your home or business with clean and safe water has its share of advantages. Those without a well, perhaps at a home site or vacation property, may be looking to add a well. When that decision is made, hiring a professional well drilling service cannot be overstated.

Forget about ancient images of shovels accompanied by days and days of digging. Modern machinery has made…

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Signs That You Are In Need Of Well Repair

Well repair is not something that is an everyday topic of conversation among homeowners. However, when a problem arises with a well, it quickly becomes a top priority. And when that time arrives, it is important to know exactly why there is a need for well repair. Here is a look at some of the signs that indicate Salisbury NC well repair is needed.

Wear and Tear

Wells are used every day and time is eventually going to take its toll. A well pump usually is expected to last an average of 10 years. There are numerous factors which will provide your well with another couple of years of use, or take away a couple of years. Those factors include the water quality, frequency of use and level of sediment in the water.

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Important Things to Know About Private Water Wells

Many homeowners have opted for the convenience of a water well, as opposed to relying on water provided by their local municipality. But not all homeowners are well versed when it comes to the specifics of how a private well operates. In this article, Brown Well Supply of Salisbury NC will give us a closer look at some important things to know about private water wells.

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The Benefits of Installing Water Filtration Systems in the Home

water-1585192_1920Running water is something that a lot of people take for granted as it is used so frequently over the course of a day. What many people fail to realize is the amount of impurities they can be exposed to by simply turning on a faucet. That is why it is important for homeowners to install water filtration systems. In this article, Brown Well Supply Well Services in Salisbury NC provides a closer look at all the benefits water filtration systems can bring to your home and family.

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